The purpose of the fastooning is to get packages of strips positioned on one level of imposed layers to avoid changes in production. It connects the end of one package with the beginning of the next one.

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Design features:

The machine is designed in 3D. The client can see it in productivity movement as well as in place. In this phase it is still possible to discuss the systems functionality before the parts go into machining. We believe that in this way you have full vision of both the overall and particular vision and you can plan the project in the best way.

Construction feauters:

The primary is to design the machine in blocks and implement them with specialized companies in the specific process required. The various pre-assembled elements give rise to the machine, so you get an easier maintenance and greater efficiency in the management of spare parts. After the assembly of mechanical parts, hydraulic and/or air, the development of electrical and electronic control and conclusion of functional test cycle, the machine is ready for testing. All parts are CE and ISO standard, CEN / IEC, CENELEC to ensure the customer for the availability of spare parts at their local market.

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